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Ideas for Plant-based Christmas Decorations to Make Yourself

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The period leading up to the holidays is a good time for creativity. The garden is back in service to offer you all the essential ingredients for a magical Christmas. This year, try green and red with our Christmas decoration ideas! These two complementary colors intensify each other to sign the most beautiful Christmas decorations, those of our childhood. Our children are not mistaken. When we ask them to comment on the Christmas decoration, they often go spontaneously towards these two strong colors, which cross the generations. If, in the past, we completed this red-green duo with touches of gold, rather than the latter materials gleaned directly from the garden or at random from your seasonal walks, for a more natural look. Dry branches, pine cones, fir cones, lichens, mosses, ivy, willow and dogwood twigs, stems of wild clematis… nature abounds with a thousand finds! Combined with household objects or diverted from their primary function, your finds will transform any of your settings, inviting young and old to the party.

Festive plants

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Wintergreen ( Gaultheria procumbens ) is a small evergreen shrub of the heather family. Give it a suitable substrate (half potting soil or garden soil, half heather soil) and reinforce the radiance of its berries with a heuchera with purple foliage. Fill in the composition with twigs, pine cones and a few Christmas balls.

Express candle holders

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Fill several flower pots of green color with sand or small gravel. In each, wedge a glass jar (yogurt for example) accompanied by a soft green candle. Decorate with wooden stars lacquered in red and strands of wool for the gift effect.

Decorative bench

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The outdoor furniture, neglected for a few months, reinforces the impression that nothing is happening in the garden in winter. However, a simple bench can quickly become the setting for a festive composition. Pots of seasonal perennials, homemade candle holders, cone cone garland and colorful balls reinforce the magic of Christmas. Especially when the snow covers them with its white coat.

DIY recycled ideas for your garden

Garnished tray

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A tray, a few glass jars, colorful candles, small pine cones… and the spirit of the party moves around!

Afternoon tea is served!

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This old door placed on raw wooden boxes is an invitation to an outdoor Christmas tea party. With a few bales of straw as seats, your children will come running!

Long lasting decor

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This bright red cup accommodates the traditional coniferous twigs complemented by a few flexible branches of deciduous shrubs with beautiful bark, such as those of white dogwood ( Cornus alba ) and blood ( Cornus sanguinea ).

For small animals

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Birds also have the right to their Christmas tree! A climber bought in autumn (clematis, ivy, vines) and presented as a tipi will do the job perfectly when the time comes, especially as the berries with which it covers in winter will delight your protégés. Also hang seed balls there and place a basket full of dried fruits nearby, a treat for squirrels.
Some wire, a small cutting pliers, and your composition becomes in a jiffy a charming suspension.

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Frosty beauties

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Adorned with a thin layer of ice after a wet and cold day, this duo of candle holders is eye-catching. The decor is composed of barberry fruit ( Berberis ), dark blue blackthorn berries and berries of the decorative apple tree Malus ‘Evereste’.

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