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Choosing an Outdoor Sofa Set

outdoor sofa set

Choose the right size

To choose the outdoor sofa of your dreams, think first about the size that suits you best. To do this, take into account your available space, as well as the number of people who come regularly to your home!

In a small space, opt for a two-seater sofa. Hardly bigger than a big chair, it imposes itself without hindrance. Remember that it will take more space if you want to add a coffee table and poufs for guests.

If you have a large terrace, let yourself be tempted by a larger and more comfortable model. Welcome all your friends with a sofa offering three to five seats (for a corner model). It is placed against a wall or in the middle of a large space to delimit a zone of relaxation. Add one or two chairs to an even more pampering corner.

Choose the right material

If size is important in the choice of your future outdoor sofa, do not neglect the comfort and aesthetics side. First, think about the style you want to give to your patio or your relaxation area.

The wood promises a natural and warm atmosphere. Its advantage? Do not denature the outside.

Metal and aluminum make it possible to lay down classic bases, which you can always invigorate with colored accessories.

Finally, the resin, very trendy, reminds the woven aspect of the rattan. It combines the friendly, classic and modern side.

These three materials, regularly used for outdoor furniture, are resistant to UV rays and bad weather. No worries at this level so!

For more comfort, let yourself be tempted by a model offering a seat textilene fabric, more flexible and completely waterproof. The fans of the nap outdoors will prefer sofas with seat cushions and polyester backrest.

Define the right alliance of colors

Last important element in the choice of a piece of furniture: the colors. Outside, the most difficult is to create an atmosphere by boosting the decor, without stain in the middle of the green garden!

The easiest way to do this is to bet on neutral colors (beige, gray or white …) for the furniture, and to give more vivid colors to the accessories. Cushions, vases, chairs … In red, green or pink, they enliven the general look of the relaxation area.

To avoid distorting the space, consider maintaining a certain harmony between the different colors chosen. A maximum of two or three, in addition to the main neutral tones, will be sufficient.

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