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What is The Best Coffee Machine For Home Use?

coffee machine

If you plan on making a good quality cup of coffee at home, investing in a dedicated coffee machine almost essential. Whether you’re looking for the best capsule coffee machine with the best coffee pods, the best filter coffee maker, or even the best bean to cup coffee maker, we have some advice to help you. In addition to offering great flavour, many coffee machines can significantly save time on the preparation process. So, if you can not imagine life without a cup of espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato,  let’s take a look at the various types of coffee machine available and the features to look our for.

Some Coffee History

Today, there are many different stories about the emergence of coffee, however scientists and scholars have still not reached a consensus on the origin of the word, and as a result, on the origin of the drink. The most common legend is that an Ethiopian shepherd Kaldi, in the 3rd century BC, noticed the tonic effect of this shrub on the goats who seemed to sleep less than other goats. He also tasted these fruits, and he felt a surge of new strength. The second legend says that it was the Ethiopian monks who began to consume coffee, they prepared a version of the coffee fruit to relieve fatigue, which resulted after a long religious ceremony. Whatever the favorite story, Ethiopia is the country of origin of coffee and, therefore, the only one in the world where one can find coffee plants in the wild. Today, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico are the largest countries producing coffee.

Espresso Coffee as a Way of Making Coffee

Many coffee lovers have certainly tried a variety of espresso, but not everyone knows where the name of the drink comes from, and its uniqueness. Many mistakenly believe that espresso is one of the ways to roast, and there is also an opinion that it is the name of the varieties of grains from which the drink is prepared. In fact, espresso is a way of making coffee. This method involves passing the water under high pressure through the ground coffee, so that we get a concentrated drink with a deep and strong taste. A large number of other coffee-based drinks are created on the basis of espresso. Preparation of this drink requires skills to achieve a balance between acidity and bitterness. One of the advantages of coffee prepared in this way is that most caffeine and harmful tar remain in the coffee grounds so that in your cup only the most useful part of the coffee beans remain.

Pay attention to the control system of any espresso machine. Espresso machines are automatic, semi-automatic and manual. Automatic espresso machines control the complete cycle of coffee preparation. Semi-automatic machines are able to create the necessary water pressure, but not more. To operate manual machines you really do need to know the finer details of “how to use an espresso machine”.

It is important that the espresso machine has automatic water temperature adjustment . It is very convenient when the espresso machine chooses the optimum temperature for extracting espresso coffee. The aroma and flavor of coffee beans that come into contact with water depends on the quality of the extraction. Of course, the more intense the extraction, the more the coffee will be delicious and flavored. It is very practical if there are two separate thermostats, they allow you to control separately the pressure of the water and the pressure of vapor, resulting in the ideal temperature.

Which coffee maker should you choose?

Users have a wide choice between different categories of coffee machines. Among many different types they have the soft pod machine, the Italian coffee maker, cafetieres and the filter coffee maker. These models each have their own pros and cons. A knowledge of these details is essential to help with your choice of device from the many models available. Some work through high pressure water where, the process of preparing the espresso is therefore to pass a jet of hot water under pressure through a layer of finely ground coffee, and some work with gravity. Why does this matter? There are two types – equipped with a boiler and pump. The preparation process happens in the same way: the machine puts a jet of hot water under pressure through a layer of ground coffee. The boiler method provides boiling water under a relatively low pressure of 3-5 atmospheres. The pump machines can heat water to about 90 degrees, but it passes under high pressure (not less than 10 atmospheres) through a layer of coffee. Pump espresso machines do not make coffee so bitter as models with a boiler, but nonetheless, the coffee produced can still be strong and full of flavour.

Great Coffee With Just One Click

We all have lots of different devices in the kitchen, and many people still refuse to buy appliances that they perceive as being difficult to manage and require special training to use. Espresso machines scare many people because you need to know the optimal amount of coffee, adjust the amount of steam and run it manually. For these users the company Krups has created espresso machines which prepare a drink with one click.

To make a good espresso coffee using the espresso machine, it is necessary to place a capsule in the special section, place your cup then the machine will do all the rest. The preparation of your drink takes only a few seconds, which is good news for people who are always in a hurry. Many of these devices, after the end of the process of preparation of drinks, goe into standby mode, reducing the consumption of electricity.

Pod or Capsule Coffee Machines

The success of these coffee makers is partly due to their simplicity of use and quality of taste. Additionally, the famous brands in this line of machine have developed many varieties of pods and capsules, ranging from classic espressos to cappuccino through to Colombian coffees, Kenyan coffee or even latte macchiato for example. You will have access to an impressive variety flavours that should keep any coffee connoisseur happy.

As well as being incredibly simple to use, capsule or pod coffee machines are fast, and can prepare your drinks in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is simply place the pod or capsule in the right place, and start preparing your coffee at the touch of a button. A few seconds later, you can enjoy a delicious drink without having to wait or make any effort whatsoever.

There are hundreds of models to choose from, and even the low cost machines produce very good results. One of our favourites is the simple but effective Nespresso Citiz Coffee Machine by Krups.

With its contemporary design, Citiz continues to please both Nespresso coffee drinkers and design lovers, adding a touch of elegance to coffee rituals around the world.

Key features include:

  • Includes assortment of 16 Nespresso capsules
  • Automatic and programmable water quantity for espressos and lungos
  • Thermoblock heating unit, for instant boiling water
  • Power-save mode: Machine automatically switches off nine minutes after last use – can be reprogrammed up to 30 minutes
  • 19 bar pressure system to draw out the full richness and aroma

Krups Inissia

Krups Nespresso Essenza Coffee Machine

If limited in budget, this Nespresso coffee maker is the best value for money on the market! You can prepare many coffees and it is the smallest coffee maker of the brand (ideal for small kitchens). On the program, 3 cup lengths, a small 0.7L tub and a quick start. It is not for nothing that it is the best sale of the brand because it does its job very well with great ease of use. Several colors

How to choose a Nespresso machine?

The Nespresso coffee machine is more and more present in households. These coffee machines are very popular for the quality of the drink they offer. The brand is constantly innovating to offer an even more innovative and efficient model for its customers. The latter has a wide choice between the many models available to them.

Coffee in a Pod

Today, there are many coffee and espresso machines that use special sealed capsules instead of using loose or packaged coffee. What are these capsules or coffee pods? They are a sealed container made of special material. Inside the capsule is finely ground and compressed coffee, which is in a filter bag. Since the capsule is sealed using technologies that avoid the penetration of air or moisture, the coffee retains all of its freshness and flavor during the storage period.

This definitely one of the key benefits of using capsules – they keep all of the aroma and taste of the drink, because after opening the package, the coffee can lose its original flavor and rich taste. In addition, the use of capsule or pods allows you not to use additional filters, because the capsule already has it inside. You do not have to measure the amount of coffee needed to make a good coffee, because the capsule is designed for a  single cup .

There are a few things to be aware of. In general, the capsules are compatible with some varieties of coffee machines, and they are not intended for other machines, as well as the cost of using the capsules slightly higher than the use of coffee beans. These considerations are offset by the speed and ease of preparation of a beverage.

Bean to Cup Coffee Makers

Bean to cup coffee machines are a great way to experience professional barista quality coffee at home. These all-in-one machines deliver delicious espresso-based coffee, using whole beans, and all at just the touch of a button.

If you’re a fan of the fresh, rich taste of espresso, and full  flavour that only whole coffee beans can provide, then a bean to cup coffee machine is a kitchen essential for you.This type of machine is far quicker and easier to operate and clean than a standard espresso maker. Simply  choose your fresh beans, pour in milk and water, and touch a button.

Bean to cup coffee machinesoften give you complete control over the coffee strength, water and milk temperature. Most of these machines use Thermoblock heating systems that heat the water to the optimum temperature. This means that the coffee never burns or leaves a bitter taste. Memory functionality to store your favourite coffee preferences, and touch control panels make operation really simple, while cup warmers, milk frothers, and built-in grinders and tampers all add a professional barista touch.

Coffee Grinding

True connoisseurs of coffee understand that the quality of grain milling is very important in the preparation of coffee beverages, so it is important that ground coffee can retain all the beneficial nutritional properties it possesses. That’s why when thinking about the purchase of the espresso machine it is better to pay attention to a model with “auto-adjustment” of the mill, which allows to select the appropriate setting in depending on the type of coffee. These model have various levels of grinding for optimal taste and even the most demanding critics will be satisfied. We must also mention the material of the grinder to grind coffee. Some manufacturers chose the grinder made of ceramic, and this reduces the noise during use that is usually heard from machines during the grinding process.

Italian Coffee Maker

The Italian coffee maker offers a coffee with a taste close to espresso thanks to its pressure valve of almost 15 bar. This machine offers an impressive result with a stronger coffee with low caffeine content. Coffee lovers can opt for the coffee maker that allows you to measure the strength of the coffee. It makes it possible to prepare a more perfumed and less strong drink. The filter coffee maker is the favorite model of coffee lovers. It is the ideal machine to prepare morning coffee.

Coffee Percolators

These devices are capable of producing between 50 and 100 cups (depending on the model) and are very convenient for offices, events etc, basically anywhere you might need to produce a large number of cups of coffee. The percolator needs a filter like a conventional coffee maker and needs ground coffee. So you can easily change the brand of coffee and its use is not just limited to coffee. The percolator can be used in the preparation of various other hot drinks such as tea, hot water etc.

Cafetieres (French Press) and Moka Pots

Of all the various coffee making methods, one of the cheapest and simplest involves the use of a Cafetiere or French Press. Also known as a press pot or Melior, the French Press is a simple way to make a rich and delicious cup of coffee.

The Cafetiere (French Press) is a low tech and portable coffee brewing method. Simply let coarsely ground coffee steep in hot water for 3 or 4 minutes before pressing down on the filter and serving. It really doesn’t get much simpler than that.

French Press Cafetiere

Features Found on Coffee Machines

The features available are an important consideration when choosing a coffee machine. Having easy to use equipment saves time during preparation. Some are equipped with practical features such as automatic ejection of the capsule  or pod, while others have options to suit your preferences, such as programming the volume of espresso coffee produced.

Most models of espresso machine are equipped with additional features, which enhance them or help make them even easier to use. There are a range of additional functions depending on the model:

  • prepare milk froth
  • heat cups
  • adjust the strength of the coffee
  • change the volume of coffee to match your cup.

Some have dual output and the ability to pour the drink into two cups at the same time makes the operation of the device even easier.

In addition, when choosing an coffee machine pay attention to the number of cups of coffee to be served. For example, if in your family there are only two coffee lovers, it is not necessary at all to buy an espresso machine that can serve up to 8 cups at the same time. A coffee machine that serves 4 cups is often the best choice for home use.

Preparing Multiple Cups of Coffee at the Same Time

Sometimes when using a coffee machine you may be faced with a situation in which you want to make several cups of coffee simultaneously with others, but the device can only serve a single cup. It is not always practical because you have to wait . Some models allow you to prepare several cups of coffee at the same time, as the model has the separation filter. These coffee makers will be a superb acquisition for couples who like to have a morning coffee to start the day, and they do not have to wait long to make both cups. It should also be noted that these models often have the highest level of performance and the preparation of a cup of coffee takes about 30 seconds thanks to the high pressure.

It’s All in The Design

We are sure that many people choosing kitchen appliances like the espresso machine, pay attention not only to its functionality, but also to the design of the device. There are large coffe makers, small coffee makers and colours to match most decors. Our advice would be to choose your functionality first, then consider the design. Just because it looks good, doesn’t mean its the best option for your particular needs.


So there you have it, if you are looking for the best capsule or pod coffee machine, filter coffee maker or bean to cup coffee machine, we hope the advice in this article has helped you understand the choices available. If you are looking for the best prices on coffee makers, why not take a look at our fantastic range of coffee and espresso machines.

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