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Weatherproof Rattan Garden Furniture – Advice and Tips

Rattan Furniture

Garden furniture is supposed to be kept outside, so ensuring you have weatherproof garden furniture is essential. Since it’s extremely important that your furniture is weather resistant  regardless of the materials it is made from, we’ve brought together this handy guide to help you ensure you have the best choice of garden furniture. With that being said, rattan furniture is incredibly popular at the moment, so we’ll mainly focus on this material.

Rattan Garden Furniture

Roma Rattan Garden Furniture

When it comes to rattan furniture, it is important to pay attention to UV rays and humidity. Rattan is durable (even up to 10 years) and ideal for the summer season, but leaving the furniture directly in the sun is not always a good idea as the rattan can become prone to breaking. During the winter, it’s best to protect the rattan from rain or the moisture in the furniture can freeze, so they must be kept under a special covering.

Other Garden Furniture Materials

Wooden furniture is generally robust enough that nothing can happen to it regardless of weather – neither rain nor sun. However, once a year, the surface of wooden furniture should be treated by polishing and varnishing. Items in constant shade can also be prone to becoming green, sometimes with mold or moss. Regardless of how tough it is, it is still advisable to protect wooden furniture from low temperatures and frost wherever possible.

The most weather-resistant materials are definitely aluminum and steel. Both of these metals are sturdy and resistant. They can last for many seasons with care, and this is especially true of aluminum and stainless steel.

Granite is a bit more complex. It is resistant to changes in the weather, but it can be delicate to maintain. Although the surface is smooth, it needs to be cleaned regularly, otherwise, dust or sand and grit can become embedded in the stone during a downpour and leave very unsightly stains. That is why it is advisable to keep the granite furniture under a roof or a special covering.

There is no need to worry about concrete furniture. This durable and strong but elegant material can be kept outdoors without any special maintenance.

How to Choose Weatherproof Garden Furniture

Wood, braided resin, metal … what material do you prefer for your garden furniture? Durability, weather resistance, ease of maintenance, style and of course budget will determine your choice.

Wrought iron, wood, PVC, resin braided, aluminum … as already discussed, garden furniture is available in many different materials. Choosing typically comes down to your tastes and your budget, and also a style that suits the garden and the house.

Which Materials are Best?

Traditional Materials


Wooden Garden Furniture Bench

This natural material remains a classic garden furniture.

  • You will find different species on the market. Pine, eucalyptus, for example, but also acacia, which is resistant to bad weather.
  • There are also more exotic types, rot-proof (teak or iroko for example).
  • Check the thickness of the component parts, especially table tops and seats. Too thin, and it will be less durable.
  • Also avoid furniture whose wood has many big knots, as these can be fragile points.
  • On the price side, the differences can be huge depending on the type and quality chosen.

Maintenance of Wooden Garden Furniture

The wood is talking . Depending on the species, you can apply a specific oil, or a linseed oil. You will need to sand every two or three years, to remove any stains, or even graying. And even if it’s tedious, wipe it thoroughly after every rain. In winter, cover your living room with a cover if you do not fit it.


Natural fiber, rattan is timeless.

  • Solid, it will offer good durability if you avoid leaving it in direct sunlight or in the rain.
  • It can sometimes be sensitive to humidity depending on manufacture and treatments.
  • You can fill the seats with a fabric slab for more comfort.
  • This type of furniture is quite expensive.

Maintenance of Rattan Garden Furniture

For maintenance, a sponge down is usually enough. In winter, you may want to put it away if possible. Otherwise, you should at least store it under a waterproof cover, and avoid leaving it on a grass surface.

Wrought iron

Perfect for lovers of romantic or chic country style, wrought iron furniture offers rock solidity.

  • The downside, it is particularly heavy.
  • Side comfort, we will appreciate the patties for the seats.
  • Be careful not to put it in direct sunlight: the material retains heat.
  • As for the prices, they are generally quite high, but this type of furniture has a life of at least twenty years.

Maintenance of Wrought Iron Garden Furniture

You will maintain it by applying an anti-corrosion product. To resist winter damage, protect it under a cover.

The Modern Materials

Stainless steel

Stainless steel brings a contemporary look to garden furniture. Robust, it can be combined with other materials, including wood. Because of its oxide film, stainless steel does not rust.

  • Its longevity is about ten years.
  • With a layer of chrome on the surface, stainless steel, as its name suggests, does not rust. So, no need for specific treatment.
  • Avoid the full sun of midday: you will burn there!
  • Practical, the chairs and armchairs can be stackable.
  • Prices vary according to the quality of the product, but this material is much cheaper than wrought iron.


Garden Furniture

Lightweight when it is extruded in a tubular version to serve as a structure, aluminum is then combined with other materials. For seats, for example, the seat may be made from canvas. Tables may have a tempered glass top.

  • Cast aluminum is heavier.
  • Count on a longevity of at least ten years for cast aluminum furniture.
  • Aluminum resists any weather, and does not rust.
  • Regardless of it’s robust nature, do not forget to protect your furniture in winter.

The materials in vogue

Braided resin

It’s trendy, it’s robust, it’s braided resin. This synthetic material (polyethylene fiber) is generally braided around an aluminum structure.

  • The resin is not affected by moisture or frost.
  • It is UV resistant as long as it has been treated.
  • It can be made in various colors.
  • Lightweight and it requires very little maintenance.
  • Check that the braiding is tight. If you can move it easily, it may wear out quickly.
  • Check that the furniture you want has been UV-treated.

Plastic Furniture

Soft, very robust, it is used for seats, deckchairs …

  • Treated anti-UV, it offers good color stability over time.
  • It is easy to maintain, with soapy water.
  • The cheapest
  • Plastic so it is very light. Which is an advantage when moving it, but a disadvantage during gales …
  • It can be sensitive to the sun and warp if it is exposed for a long time.
  • Its longevity depends on the quality of the furniture.
  • On the aesthetic side, it may look cheap or not fit with the style of your house or garden.

Maintenance of Plastic Furniture

The plastic is easy to clean, just put a sponge and soapy water. If it is really dirty, you can use baking soda and then rinse.


A Word on Garden Furniture Cushions

Weather-resistant cushions can withstand rain. This passes through the special “Quick Dry Foam” foam used in good quality cushions, while the outer material ensures that the cushion retains its original shape.

We hope you found this article on weatherproof garden furniture useful. If you’re shopping for something new, why not check out our fantastic range of garden furniture here.

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