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Outdoor Living Space

outdoor living space

If previously we were satisfied with a meal set and a few deckchairs, the exteriors are now decorated and considered to be a part of the house in its own right. Dedicated product ranges and new collections are created several times a year, so that you can match your terrace or balcony to the rest of your home.

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10 ideas to design a garden, balcony, or terrace

10 ideas to design a garden balcony or terrace

What is there in common between a balcony, a garden and a terrace? This outdoor space which belongs only to you deserves some adjustments to become a real living space. Small, medium or large, there are a thousand ways to adapt the ideas that will follow to your surface, your budget and your tastes. Overview of the best ways to add value to your outdoor spaces. Continue reading 10 ideas to design a garden, balcony, or terraceFacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail