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Make the Best Use of ALEXA with AMAZON ECHO!Welcome to Your Smart Life!

  • Do you want to Understand How Amazon Echo will add convenience to your Life ?
  • Are you a proud owner of the all-new Amazon Echo 2nd Generation and now want to convert this cute little Cylinder into your smart personal assistant?
  • Are your surprised how little information is available to actually integrate Amazon Echo into your Life ?

Look No Further……
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Adapt Amazon Echo into your Life!

  • This book will take you from beginner to an Amazon Echo EXPERT.
  • Setup your all-new Echo 2nd Generation and start using all your Smart Devices and Applications EFFORTLESSLY.  
  • Control Your HOME and WORK life with a simple voice commands.
  • Get the latest Tips, Tricks, HACKS and new developments in the world of Amazon Echo and Alexa.
  • And most of all, SAVE HOURS running errands.

User Guide That Should Have Come With Amazon Echo? This book is a detailed in DEPTH guide to maximise your ALEXA experience. It has ACTIONABLE tips, tricks and hacks that are periodically updated. It contains specific step-by-step instructions and how to use anecdotes that are well organised and easy to read. It also comes with a complimentary weekly newsletter to help you stay ahead with Echo updates.
After reading this book you will

  • Make Calls to friends and family, Stream your favorite Music or Read Books on Amazon Echo
  • Control Home Appliances and Smart Gadgets using Amazon Echo
  • Setup IFTTT recipes for Advanced Hacks
  • Use Alexa Skills to AUTOMATE your errands
  • Connect your Google Calendar and Pandora Account to Alexa

Just Some of the Things You can do with Alexa!

  • SHOP on Amazon for DIGITAL and PHYSICAL products
  • WAKE up to your favourite cup of COFFEE
  • PROGRAM Echo to control your Thermostat, Lights and DOOR LOCKS
  • Get the latest CUSTOMISED Weather, Traffic and News Updates
  • Make and Receive CALLS or Send and Read MESSAGES on Echo
  • Get ALEXA to tell you a JOKE
  • GET the latest SCORES from your FAVOURITE TEAMS
  • Use 999+ PRE-TESTED COMMANDS and Easter Eggs.

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A Personal Note From the Author
I am a self taught coder and love to play with the latest technology gadgets. I am originally from San Diego and currently a digital nomad based out of Bali. The latest project I am working on involves the use of Alexa in a self flying drone taxi. This is how got involved with Amazon Echo. There are not many good quality Alexa guides available and that motivated me to put my Alexa insights into a book to help others adapt this amazing device into their lives.
This 2nd Generation User Guide for the Amazon Echo is the 2nd in the series of books I have written on Alexa Devices. I hope that this guide helps you in adapting the all-new Amazon Echo 2nd Generation into your life.


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