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Inspiration for Christmas decoration

Cardboard garlands/Christmas paper garlands

It may seem early, but Christmas decorations are already in place in some shops and high streets, so why not start to think about the decoration of your home for the festive season. Thinking about your Christmas decoration early , allows you to find ideas and tips, and can save money compared to buying everything at the last moment.

Christmas is just around the corner and brings with it its fair share of festivities, glitter, lights and gifts. It is a magical period in decoration. Because our homes, in addition to putting on their winter coats, are loaded with pretty red touches and wonderful garlands. Of course, this is the opportunity to offer you a ton of inspiration.
We therefore offer some ideas for Christmas decorations to make yourself. Let’s get started right away, it’s time tfor some easy DIY Christmas crafts!

1. An advent calendar

an Advent calendar

Make a string of small paper bags containing surprises and hung with small pins for a nice advent calendar . Or just hang up your old Christmas cards!

2. Snowy mason jars

snowy festive jars
Handmade Christmas snow globes on wooden table

DIY glass pots , to illuminate your table and your shelves.

3. A cork tree

A cork tree
A cork tree

A completely awesome Christmas tree, right?

4. Candles and cinnamon sticks

Candles and cinnamon sticks
Candles and cinnamon sticks

To make the atmosphere at home pleasantly warm, count on these candles and cinnamon sticks ! Note that you can use ribbon instead of rope.

5. Cardboard garlands/Christmas paper garlands

Cardboard garlands/Christmas paper garlands
Cardboard garlands/Christmas paper garlands

Make garlands with ribbon and shapes cut from construction paper.

6. A pine cone tree

Much easier to do than it looks! Gather your cones on a floral foam support for an arrangement of the most beautiful effect. Discover the steps in photos to build your pine cone tree here .

7. Candy cane candlestick

A nice way to give a festive look to simple red candles, we make a candlestick with candy canes !

8. An ornamental mug

For a change of Christmas baubles, why not create a pretty landscape in a recycled little mug? Check out the instructions for making your ornamental mugs here .

9. Frozen decorations

You simply decorate the outside by hanging iced decorations garnished with cranberries and foliage .

10. A funny plant pot

For a touch of greenery coupled with a smile, we make a funny Santa Claus flowerpot .

11. An embellished cane cane

Amaze the gallery with a simple cane! Just wrap it in jute and garnish with seasonal decorations, like pine cones. Discover the instructions for making your decorative preserves here .

12. A recycled wreath

Simple to make: a foam crown , an old shirt, wool and any ornaments. Now we’re having fun.

13. A wall tree

For small spaces, consider a two-dimensional tree, made simply with green garlands wrapped around sticks joined at one end. Practice!

14. A little cardboard house

A culinary classic that comes to life as a decoration for the home . The kids will love it.

15. Newsprint wrappers

We can be creative even in the way we wrap our gifts .

16. Candle holders

Who says our centerpiece has to be extravagant? We love the simplicity of these candle holders .

17. A crown of buttons

To amuse the children, we let them DIY beautiful crowns with buttons .

18. Ornaments that smell good

Decorations that smell good! The recipe: a cup of applesauce in which we pour 1 ½ cup of ground cinnamon (a quarter of a cup at a time!). We cut with cookie cutters. Bake for 1 hour 30 minutes at 200 ° F.19. A minimalist tree

For a different Christmas tree , we use wood. A look that is both modern and simplistic.

20. Sparkling balls

21. Centerpieces

Original centerpieces that can suit any occasion. For the holidays, they can be adorned with spruce branches, balls and casseroles.

22. A starry ornament with clothes pins

Create the most beautiful ornaments for your tree ! Use clothespins, paint and a little glue. Find the instructions right here .

23. A crown of straws

A colorful wreath reminiscent of candy canes with straws.

24. Christmas stockings

A simple, but elegant Christmas stocking that is easy to make yourself and that you can decorate according to your imagination.

25. A colorful advent calendar

A fun and colorful advent calendar that will appeal to children.

26. An original nutcracker

A nutcracker made of terracotta pots to decorate and stand guard in front of the house.

27. A fabric garland

A garland to make with the children with pieces of fabric as in the time of our grandparents.

28. Paper flakes

To dress the window, we cut out pretty snowflakes from paper that we put into garlands.

29. Hanging balls

An original way to dress our chandeliers and lights for the holiday season: we hang balls on them.

30. An ornament with a photo

To display your best family photos in a holiday decor.

31. A snow globe in a pot

We create beautiful snow globes by recycling our mason jars . We let our imagination run free to decorate it.

32. A banner

An easy-to-make Christmas banner to create a magical effect in our holiday decor.

33. A cinnamon ornament

The good smell of cinnamon invites itself into the Christmas tree with this ornament all in spices .

34. A cardboard reindeer

A decoration that has panache! This red nosed reindeer made of cardboard will look stunning in your living room.

35. A cushion

To enhance Christmas decorations, we can create covers for our cushions using various fabrics.

36. Mason jar centerpieces

Of Mason jars at the table center for the best effects.

37. Angels in string

Simplicity can be beautiful in a tree! Try to make your own ornaments simply with twine and recycled fabrics.

38. Wire stars

Simple and pretty, these little iron stars for Christmas trees will give a unique look to your Christmas tree.

39. A balsa wood ornament

Are you good with crafts and diy?

40. Lolly stick sleighs

Do you have any lolly sticks left over from this summer? Recycle them into small decorative sleds to place around the tree.

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