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House Plants – Tips to Look After Them in Winter

House Plants tips to look after them in Winter

Keeping your house plants healthy during the winter is not always easy due to lack of light, depending on the heat to be managed and their growing having slowed down. With some simple care and attention, you can keep your plants in tip top condition. Here are some tips to achieve this.

1- Watering
They should be applied proportionally to the amount of ambient heat conditioning the evapotranspiration.

However, as with fertilisers, reduce them in winter because plants grow little. Always bring warm water and especially not limestone for acid-loving plants such as azaleas . Some mineral waters are too unbalanced, or even poor in some useful elements.
Plants grown in pure heather soil dry up very quickly. It is better to dip their root ball at least once a week in water until no air bubbles surface. So the earth will be ideally soaked to saturation point. Leave it to dry before replacing it in a flowerpot.

2- Water reservoir
They will be more effective if you let dry out somewhat the substrate between refills.

3- Watering
If the heating of your house causes dry air, do not hesitate to mist warm water on the foliage if they are not hairy. In this case, this could lead to cryptogamic diseases .

Eventually, place the pots on a bowl filled with gravel and filled with a water base that will maintain a healthy humidity. Alternatively, smooth-leaved plants will enjoy a shower in the tub once a month to clean their leaf area.

Replant your plant in a larger pot (without taking too large)

4- Mealybugs
Whether they are carapace or mealy, the resistant scales will be exterminated (asphyxiated) using a cotton soaked in alcohol.

5- Containing
No matter the material of the pots (terracotta, plastic, metal …) as long as they are provided with a drainage hole to avoid asphyxiation of the roots.

Also avoid repotting a plant in a pot too large. Count only one or two larger sizes.

6- Air currents
More than in any other season, your tropical plants will be sensitive to the slightest current of cold air or, worse, icy. Move them accordingly.

7- Fertilizers
In winter, plants do not grow much, their growth will resume with the lengthening of days, mid-March. In fact, do not fatten them and limit the intake of soluble fertilizers.

Move indoor plants closer to winter windows

8- Light
Approach the plants from the windows; They will benefit from an extra light. If necessary , place them on the ground so that they appreciate the slightest ray of sunshine, unless the tiled floor is too cold, which can block their growth. Place a mirror nearby to reflect the rays and give them more light.

9- Regular cleaning
Systematically remove diseased or damaged parts of your plants. You will give them an extra vigor.

10- Radiator
Keep your plants somewhat away from sources of heat, thus avoiding hot strokes and therefore excessive dehydration.

11- Soil
A quality substrate, both rich and porous, supple is recommended. It will be rather acid (containing then ” heather soil “) for azaleas , ferns for example.

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