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Furnishing and Decorating a Bathroom

Furnishing and Decorating a Bathroom

The bathroom in a house is an essential room. We spend a lot of time there, plus it’s a very intimate place where we meet in the morning alone in front of our mirror and where we avoid taking a selfie! The bathroom is this place that contributes to our hygiene but also to our beauty! It’s a room that can be simple to restyle with new bathroom products and decoration, too make it a pleasant and functional space in your home.


  1. Installing a bathroom will be part of my future project that I told you about in this post.
  2. How to choose and install your bathroom?
  3. The color
  4. Flooring
  5. The elements
  6. Decorative accessories

How to choose and install your bathroom?

The first constraint is obviously the size of the room. The second will be pecuniary because it is easy when you have the means to afford a luxurious bathroom.

But, even with a small budget, and a small room, it is possible to concoct a small warm haven to pamper yourself and relax.

The colour

The decor trends of the moment offer us black, navy blue, it’s pretty I admit it on the other hand it is on the one hand very messy, the slightest drop of water is seen on black, and on the other hand , quite difficult in the long term because we risk quickly getting bored.

If you like the vintage side, you can let your imagination run wild with pastel, pink, sea green or yellow tones.

For my part I will choose a shades of cream, white and gray. My mania for white haunts me even in this room! Why ? Simply because you don’t redo your bathroom every year and the light tones harmonize with everything. If one day you want to redo the decor, a few pieces will be enough to change everything. On the other hand, white does not mean gloomy, because associated with light wood for example, it can give a very nice result.


If you have a typical house or apartment, your bathroom will not be 50 m 2! So on a small area you can indulge yourself by choosing an excellent quality flooring. There is a plethora of tiles, for any style, this is the easiest choice to make. For a little more originality, you can install marine parquet, special for wet rooms.

This is what I did in my current bathroom and I have no problem with the maintenance.
For my new decoration I want a waxed concrete floor. But since this material is quite expensive and delicate to install, I have set my sights on imitation concrete tiles that harmonize with the soft colors of the rest of the room. The secret to a perfect imitation is to choose very large tiles, with invisible joints.

The elements :

Once again we have the choice between old-fashioned pedestal sinks, various and varied sinks. And here too I recommend white or beige because you will never get tired of it.

Shower or bath?

It’s a recurring discussion with my girlfriends “are you taking a bath or a shower? For me the answer is categorical I am a fan of the bathtub.

I really like walk-in showers, but languidly basking in a bubble bath is a pleasure I often indulge in in the winter and I couldn’t do without a tub in my bathroom. For a next installation, I want a Balneo bathtub!
Being able to afford an enchanted break in a spa bath is a luxury that we can afford today, because brands have democratized their products.

And then a bathtub is very useful when you have children or small children, it is much easier to make them take a bath than a shower.

The ideal is to have two bathrooms in a house, one with a bathtub and the other with a walk-in shower.

Decorative accessories

The bathroom is an essential room so why not decorate it like a living room or a bedroom?

Pay attention to the details. Don’t hesitate to dress the walls with mirrors or picture frames. Choose pretty, fluffy towels to enhance the ensemble.

Some pretty baskets, accessories, original mirrors will give it a very decorative style. An abundance of plants will bring him cachet at a low price.

Regarding sinks, you have the choice between built-in sinks, countertop sinks, or pedestal sinks. The trend at the moment is for countertop washbasins and I admit that I love very much this style that allows all the fantasies because they are offered in different shapes.

Choose them of very good quality, because they will last a long time.

If you opt for washbasins, why not put them on an original support such as an old table or an old piece of furniture? It will be a typical and very personal.

Why not take a look at our collection of bathroom products.

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